A Moment A Mile

27. Male. Portland,OR. Doc of Psychology student.
Loves:traveling, the outdoors, tea, pipe tobacco, & god.

I am ready to share life with someone

Today is a day that I wish I got share with someone so special to me. I have a great job, family, church, friends, and community. Now as I lay here in bed reading and listening to the rain on my window I long to share life and myself with. I long to have that emotional intimacy with someone who cares for me and I for them. I long to have someone just get me and accept me flaws and all. I long to have someone to roll over to and kiss and know they will never leave my side. 

I will pray for my future wife. That God continues to seek after her heart and her after his. That as I long for her that I may long for God just as much and more, and that he may continue to mold me and make me a better man for his use and for her.

  1. mandytakesatumbl said: She’ll be a very lucky lady.
  2. masterescapist said: led me here joycemeyer.org/article… and what an enlightening and soothing read that was. am happy your post got me there :)) thanx mate :D
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